100 Inspiring Appetizers and Starters

By Christine Ingram | Paperback
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This title contains over 100 elegant and delicious recipes to guarantee success. There are more than 100 stylish appetizers to tantalize the tastebuds: simple salads, succulent fish, sophisticated terrines, and elegant souffles are featured in this fabulous guide to first courses. It includes dishes that can be prepared in advance and others that only take a few minutes. Whether winter or summer, dinner party or family occasion, here are refreshing chilled soups, warming baked souffles, cosmopolitan pasta dishes, and hearty pates to suit every guest and every occasion. Inspiration is provided in the form of a tempting photograph of each finished dish alongside step-by-step instructions, cook's tips and variations. First courses are the perfect prelude to a lovingly prepared meal, whether it is a formal dinner party or a relaxed family occasion, and should whet the appetite and prepare the diner for what is to follow. They need to be satisfying without being filling, flavoursome without being overpowering, and, most important of all, they have to create the right first impression.
This tempting book is a collection of varied first courses that are both fun to make and delicious to eat. There are recipes for the novice and for the experienced cook, and for all budgets. This book contains a wide range of appetizers, from soups and salads to pates, terrines and souffles, and an extensive choice of ingredients which means that you will be guaranteed to find the perfect first course for every occasion. 


Dimensions297mm x 228mm x 13mm
PublisherAnness Publishing 
Release Date14 Jul 2010 

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Book Cover - 100 Inspiring Appetizers and Starters

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