American Challenge: 1770-1819

By Susan Martins Miller | Paperback / softback
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Girls are girls wherever they live--and the Sisters in Time series shows that girls are girls "when"ever they lived, too! This new collection brings together four historical fiction books for 8-12-year-old girls: "Lydia the Patriot: The Boston Massacre" (covering the year 1770"), Kate and the Spies: The American Revolution" (1775), "Betsy's River Adventure: The Journey Westward" (1808), and "Grace and the Bully: Drought on the Frontier" (1819), "American Challenge" will transport readers back to the formative years of our nation, teaching important lessons of history and Christian faith. Featuring bonus educational materials such as time lines and brief biographies of key historical figures, "American Challenge" is ideal for anytime reading and an excellent resource for home schooling. Visit the official Sisters in Time website at 

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SeriesSisters in Time 
FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions211mm x 150mm x 41mm
PublisherBarbour & Co Inc 
Release Date1 Aug 2011 

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Book Cover - American Challenge: 1770-1819

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