American Government: Continuity and Change

By Karen O'Connor | Paperback
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This bestseller in American Government has now been updated to include complete coverage of the 2006 midterm elections, the campaigns and results, and the most relevant and important issues and events that have dominated the headlines and national dialogue throughout 2005 and 2006: the war in Iraq; the politics, policies, and fortunes of the second George W. Bush administration; the debate over illegal immigration; the new faces in and decisions from the Supreme Court; scandals and corruption with the executive and legislative branch, and more. Written with the belief that students must first understand how American government developed to fully understand the issues facing our nation in the 21st century, O'Connor/Sabato offers the strongest coverage of both history and current events on the market today. The new edition provides deeper coverage of both history and events today by exploring the Constitutional roots of our system and how those roots are relevant and often challenged today. 


Dimensions276mm x 216mm x 26mm
PublisherPearson Education Limited 
Release Date22 Dec 2006 

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Book Cover - American Government: Continuity and Change