America's History

By James A Henretta | Hardback
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"How did that happen?" students wonder about their past. "America's History" provides a clear explanation. Instructors rely on "America's History" to help them teach that history matters -- this means helping their students understand not only what happened, but also "why." For the new, sixth edition, the authors took a hard look at all aspects of their text, considered what worked and what didn't, and crafted a broad revision plan that demonstrates, once again, their unmatched commitment to "America's History." The hallmark of the revision is a thorough reconsideration of the post-1945 period that incorporates new scholarship and makes sense of the recent past, but "America's History, " Sixth Edition offers much more. This includes additional narrative changes in both volumes, a new in-text feature program based on written and visual primary documents in every chapter, and a host of new and improved pedagogic features. With its clear exposition, insightful analysis and in-text sources, "America's History, " gives instructors and students everything they need. 


Dimensions277mm x 218mm x 41mm
PublisherBedford Books 
Release Date1 Feb 2007 

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Book Cover - America's History