Anyone Can Bake: Home-baked Treats Made Easy

By Annabel Langbein | Paperback
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This inspiring cookbook will guide the beginner baker and busy homemaker through an irresistible array of baked treats - biscuits, slices, cakes, muffins and more. This brilliant book will ensure everyone, no matter what their age or cooking ability, achieves baking success - every time! Simple one-pot mixes and no-bake treats will cater to the novice (or nervous) baker, while no-fail cakes and simple to prepare slices are guaranteed to become favorites with busy homemakers searching for interesting new ways to fill the tins. Baking has enjoyed an enormous resurgence in recent times. Yet there are still plenty of New Zealanders who have missed out on learning how to bake from their mother or grandmother. And with that they have been denied the satisfaction of watching a cake rise or a tray of muffins emerge steaming hot from the oven. Annabel Langbein believes home baking is one of life's most rewarding pleasures. 


Dimensions253mm x 216mm
PublisherAnnabel Langbein Media 
Release Date1 Mar 2010 

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Book Cover - Anyone Can Bake: Home-baked Treats Made Easy