Architecture as Revolution: Episodes in the History of Modern Mexico

By Luis E. Carranza | Hardback
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The period following the Mexican Revolution was characterized by unprecedented artistic experimentation. Seeking to express the revolution's heterogeneous social and political aims, which were in a continuous state of redefinition, architects, artists, writers, and intellectuals created distinctive, sometimes idiosyncratic theories and works. Luis E. Carranza examines the interdependence of modern architecture in Mexico and the pressing socio-political and ideological issues of this period, as well as the interchanges between post-revolutionary architects and the literary, philosophical, and artistic avant-gardes. Organizing his book around chronological case studies that show how architectural theory and production reflected various understandings of the revolution's significance, Carranza focuses on architecture and its relationship to the philosophical and pedagogic requirements of the muralist movement, the development of the avant-garde in Mexico and its notions of the Mexican city, the use of pre-Hispanic architectural forms to address indigenous people, the development of a socially oriented architectural functionalism, and the monumentalization of the revolution itself.
In addition, the book also covers important architects and artists who have been marginally discussed within architectural and art historiography. Richly illustrated, "Architecture as Revolution" is one of the first books in English to present a social and cultural history of early twentieth-century Mexican architecture. 

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Dimensions285mm x 217mm x 23mm
PublisherUniversity of Texas Press 
Release Date25 Jul 2010 

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Book Cover - Architecture as Revolution: Episodes in the History of Modern Mexico

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