Art Quilts: Major Works by Leading Artists

By Martha Sielman | Paperback
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These art quilts showcase an inspiring versatility, innovation and beauty from gifted artists across the globe. Ita Ziv's brilliantly coloured quilts create vibrant celebrations of life and Noriko Endo captures her deep feeling for trees in a stunning interplay of light, shadow, and leaves while John Lefelhocz's fantastic imagery - including an aeroplane silhouette that lights up - grabs viewers' attention. In this classic series, every artist receives a lavish eight-page feature with approximately a dozen high-quality images of his or her most impressive work, along with a biography and personal commentary, providing insight into the motivations and inspiration behind each piece. 

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Dimensions203mm x 229mm x 30mm
PublisherLark Books,U.S. 
Release Date19 Jun 2008 

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Book Cover - Art Quilts: Major Works by Leading Artists