The Art of Motion Picture Editing

By Vincent LoBrutto | Paperback
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This title offers dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted film interest media and organisations.Have you ever wanted to get into the world of motion picture editing, but didn't where to begin?This comprehensive volume reveals everything filmmakers need to know to turn separate shots into scenes, craft sequences into a flowing narrative, and become a successful editor. It examines the tools, methods, and process of movie editing in all mediums - film, video, and digital - so that readers can apply their new found skills to all of their work, from studio and theatrical releases to Internet shorts."The Art of Motion Picture Editing" also includes profiles of ten of the world's greatest editors, a list of 100 essential films that demonstrate top-notch editing, and a history of the art. 


Dimensions254mm x 179mm
PublisherAllworth Press,U.S. 
Release Date31 Mar 2008 

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Book Cover - The Art of Motion Picture Editing

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