The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business

By Thomas H. Davenport | Paperback
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In today's information-flooded world, the scarcest resource is not ideas or even talent: it's attention. In this groundbreaking book, Thomas Davenport and John Beck argue that unless companies learn to effectively capture, manage, and keep it--both internally and out in the marketplace--they'll fall hopelessly behind. In The Attention Economy, the authors also outline four perspectives on managing attention in all areas of business: 1) measuring attention 2) understanding the psychobiology of attention 3) using attention technologies to structure and protect attention 4) adapting lessons from traditional attention industries like advertising Drawing from exclusive global research, the authors show how a few pioneering organizations are turning attention management into a potent competitive advantage and recommend what attention-deprived companies should do to avoid losing employees, customers, and market share. A landmark work on the twenty-first century's new critical competency, this book is for every manager who wants to learn how to earn and spend the new currency of business. 

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Dimensions229mm x 175mm x 17mm
PublisherHarvard Business Review Press 
Release Date1 Jul 2002 

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Book Cover - The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business

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