Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories

By Terry Bisson | Paperback
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"Bears Discover Fire, " the title story in this eagerly awaited collection, is one of the most acclaimed science fiction stories of the Nineties. "Particularly delightful, " raved The Christian Science Monitor, while Newsday called it "the finest story in the Dozois [Best of the Year] volume." Michael Swanwick, the Nebula Award-winning author of Stations of the Tide, pronounced it "one of the best genre stories of the decade, and an encouraging omen of what we might expect from the Nineties." "Bears Discove Fire" won the Hugo, the Nebula, the Sturgeon Award, and the Locus Poll Award; it was also nominated for the World Fantasy Award. But "Bears Discover Fire" was only one of a series of brilliant, unpredictable stories that sent shock waves of delight through the field and, almost overnight, made Terry Bisson one of the top sf short story writers. This volume collects all of Bisson's short fiction to date, including other Hugo and Nebula nominees, in what will surely be one of the most important sf collections of the decade. Explore Bisson's unique imagination in stories that are sometimes moving, sometimes funny, and always unforgettable: All the great living writers move to one small town in Kentucky. The British Isles begin a stately voyage to America. Two guys from the future disrupt the life of a struggling New York artist. An overly helpful banking machine brings strangers together. And a young boy discovers how his world changes when the bears discover fire. The New York Review of Science Fiction says, "Bisson knows his territory and writes about it cleanly, sympathetically, without condescension...[his] narrative voice...has a sweet inner music, that sly Southern smoothnesswritten from the inside out not to baroque effect, but for the lean economy with which it conveys information." His stories are among the chief treasures of science fiction today. 

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Dimensions210mm x 146mm x 18mm
PublisherPan Macmillan South Africa 

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Book Cover - Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories

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