The Bloomsbury Book of the Mind

By Stephen Wilson | Hardback
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Our concern with how the mind works how the hurt mind can be healed has led to a massive growth of interest in popular psychology. The ideas of such post-Freudians as Erich Fromm, R. D. Laing, Alice Miller, Oliver Sacks, Anthony Storr and Kay Redfield Jamison, for example, are almost as familiar as those of the founders of Psychology on whose pioneering work they all to some extent depend. With sections on Perception, Memory, Emotion, Thought, Consciousness and the Unconscious, this text brings together extracts from the key writings on the subject from all over the world from the first written accounts to the most up-to-date research. It is not a clinical work, but an imaginative bringing together of case notes, journals and letters as well as more formal writings that presents humanity's most significant attempts to understand the mind and the way the mind works. 


Dimensions234mm x 153mm
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing PLC 
Release Date5 May 2003 

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Book Cover - The Bloomsbury Book of the Mind

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