Blue Note Records

By Richard Cook | Paperback
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The first book ever to chronicle the most famous and influential jazz label of them all, from its beginning to the present day. Blue Note is a label that stands for more than just the extraordinary music in its catalogue. The label's story has hitherto been told only through collections of art and photography, foregrounding the label as an arbiter of style that continues to have great influence. Francis Wolff's photography, coupled with Reid Miles' designs, set an unrepeatable standard which has become a classic design symbol. But of course it was not only style and elegance in design that set Blue Note apart; Miles David, Thelonius Monk, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins and - perhaps the archetypal Blue Note group - Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers all made their most significant early recordings under the auspices of the Blue Note genius. The body of this book is a detailed history of the label from its beginnings in 1939, its development, rise, fall and rebirth. Also included is a parallel analysis of all the major records released by the label throughout its history. 


Dimensions216mm x 153mm
Release Date3 Jul 2003 

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Book Cover - Blue Note Records