The Brief New Century Handbook

By Christine A. Hult | Paperback
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The Brief New Century, Fourth Edition, meets students where they are--as writers and researchers in an electronic age. While providing clear, comprehensive coverage of handbook basics--writing, grammar and usage, research, and documentation--this handbook also shows students how to use new technologies to make appropriate rhetorical choices and to become more successful college writers in all of their courses. THIS TITLE INCLUDES THE 2009 MLA UPDATED DOCUMENTATION AND STYLE GUIDELINES. Authors Christine Hult and Tom Huckin bring their expertise in research, computers and writing, grammar, and linguistics and their extensive experience in teaching first-year composition to this remarkable handbook--a handbook that is accessible, flexible, comprehensive, and current, and that speaks to students in today's language. More than any other handbook, The Brief New Century addresses the primary concerns of composition students: how to understand and avoid plagiarism, how to write for courses beyond English, how to make correct grammatical and stylistic choices, and how to use technology to help them become better writers. 


Dimensions191mm x 165mm
PublisherPearson Education (US) 
Release Date1 Jan 2011 

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Book Cover - The Brief New Century Handbook