The British Monarchy For Dummies

By Philip Wilkinson | Paperback
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Includes insights into the lives of the current royal family Britain's heritage told through the colourful lives of its kings and queens The monarchy is at the heart of British life. If you're going to understand Britain and its history, you need to understand the story of its royal family. This lively guide walks you through the history of the British monarchy from the earliest times to the present day and covers the colourful characters, extraordinary events, power struggles, and politics that have shaped one of the most famous institutions in the world. Discover* The origins of the British monarchy* How the monarchy works* The relationship between the royal family and the general public* How the role of the monarch has changed over time* What the monarch and the rest of the royal family do all day 

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SeriesFor Dummies S. 
Dimensions233mm x 186mm x 22mm
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd 
Release Date24 Nov 2006 

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Book Cover - The British Monarchy For Dummies

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