Celluloid Circus: the Heyday of the New Zealand Picture Theatre

By Wayne Brittenden | Paperback
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The Celluloid Circus is a celebration of the heyday of the New Zealand picture theatre, lavishly illustrated with many never-before-published period photographs. It's a richly informative and often hilarious record of a crucial part of our social history. The local picture theatre was the place for entertainment, socialising, courting and being kept informed through the all-important newsreels. Wayne Brittenden has brought the era brilliantly back to life - the theatres, managers, audiences, censors, films and the unsung heroes of picture going - the projectionists. The Celluloid Circus also provides fresh and fascinating insights into what was going on behind the scenes. This is a treasure chest for anyone who remembers the advertising slides, tray boys and illuminated waterfall curtains - as well as for those who wish they had been around at the time. Fabulous...a sweeping and thematic overview. So much more than feel-good history. It's nostalgia with an edge. 'The book will appeal to everyone, from historians to diehard movie buffs'. -Sunday Star Times 'A collector's dream book. All aspects of the industry are covered in discrete chapters.
' -National Business Review 'As much fun as a night out at the pictures used to be'. -NZ Listener, top 100 books for 2008 'Generations who grew up in the golden age of cinema in this country have much for which to thank Wayne Brittenden.' -Gisborne Herald 'Complementing his in-depth reporting with beautiful photographs, Brittenden celebrates the public face of the film industry with a fervour that proves infectious. ' -Unity Books 


Dimensions240mm x 214mm x 25mm
PublisherRandom House New Zealand Ltd 
Release Date7 Nov 2008 

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Book Cover - Celluloid Circus: the Heyday of the New Zealand Picture Theatre

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