A Child of Our Time: Early Learning

By Tessa Livingstone | Paperback
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What makes children intelligent, resourceful, creative and flexible? Their minds are the powerhouse for everything they think and do and are shaped crucially by the knowledge they gain when they are very young. At the very beginning, newborn babies are ready and eager to learn, but by the time children start school, five years later, many will have lost their all-embracing excitement for learning. So what can you do to hone your children's skills?How can you improve their motivation, concentration and intelligence? "Child of Our Time: Brain Child" is an essential guide for parents and will help you achieve what everyone wants - the very best for your child.This book will help you discover: how to keep your child motivated to learn from babyhood onwards; how your learning style influences your child; how to improve your child's memory and concentration; how to help your child learn to read; how to prepare your child for school; how to help your child learn, whether maths or art, through the early school years; and what to do so your child gains a love of learning that will last a lifetime.
Using cutting-edge research in neurology, psychology, genetics and sociology together with the personal experiences of the families featured on BBC1's "Child of Our Time" series, Dr Tessa Livingstone, herself a mother of two, guides parents through the crucial period in a young child's life that will shape their intelligence and their future. 


Dimensions235mm x 165mm x 20mm
PublisherTransworld Publishers Ltd 
Release Date11 Feb 2008 

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Book Cover - A Child of Our Time: Early Learning

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