Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

By Lauren Child | Paperback
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There are so many things in life you can't explain. Like why isn't YOU spelt U? Why isn't WHY spelt Y? And why can just opening your mouth get you into some very BIG trouble? Clarice Bean is in non-stop trouble these days - almost as much as Karl Wrenbury, and he is the naughtiest boy in school. Clarice just wants to star in the school play and impress Mrs Wilberton in the spelling bee, but things aren't quite going to plan ...'Witty and charming. We can't get enough of Clarice Bean.' - Independent 


SeriesClarice Bean 
Dimensions183mm x 137mm x 16mm
PublisherHachette Children's Books 
Release Date5 May 2005 

Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

21 May 2010, 3:44pm
You will never read a funnier book. Clarice Bean spells trouble. She learns new words from the dictionary, uses them in conversation but forgets how to spell them. The spelling bee is coming up so Clarice is starting to worry. But what happens when she gets blamed for the graffiti on the school fence?
People who have read a Clarice Bean book would like to read this because it tells you more about her. 8 to 12 year old girls would really enjoy this book.
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Book Cover - Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

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