Classic Floral Designs

By Mickey Baskett | Paperback
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Step-by-Step photos for each of the 30 floral designs. Provides all the basic shapes and styles from traditional to contemporary. Covers the materials & equipment, and teaches the basic skills. Includes tips for flower shopping and techniques for working with foam All flower lovers can produce breathtaking arrangements...if they know the principles of good design. This lushly photographed guide provides all the basic shapes and styles, from traditional to contemporary; the materials and equipment; and the building skills needed to start. Pictures show every step in more than 30 designs, and are accompanied by flower shopping tips, instructions for using florist's tools, special techniques for working with foam and natural foundation materials and acrylic resin "water," and sealers, waxes and special effects sprays. Among the designs provided are round, fan, horizontal and vertical arrangements, including a spectacular Sunflower Topiary, classic European Hand Tied Bouquets, a Harvest Centrepiece, and a soothing Iris Water Garden. The designs can be used for silk flowers too. 


Dimensions254mm x 216mm x 9mm
PublisherSterling Publishing Co Inc 
Release Date16 Mar 2006 

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Book Cover - Classic Floral Designs

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