Clever Dog!

By Gwen Bailey | Downloadable audio file
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Learn how to train your dog to do absolutely anything! In her latest book, Gwen Bailey, respected dog behaviourist and trainer, demonstrates how to teach your dog to do really useful things around the house. From closing the door to finding lost keys, Gwen Bailey will teach you how to turn your pet into an eager and useful friend around the house, enhancing your relationship and having great fun along the way. With specially commissioned step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instructions you will be able to teach your dog over 20 clever and useful activities, including: Take a message Ring a bell to go out Put your rubbish in the bin Find your lost keys Bring the phone when it rings Most dogs love to work and Gwen's reward-based methods will stimulate your pet and build and enhance your relationship with him. 


FormatDownloadable audio file 
Dimensions216mm x 154mm
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers 
Release Date28 May 2009 

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Book Cover - Clever Dog!

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