Complete Comprehension 2: Teacher Answer Book

By Kirsten Owens | Paperback
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Complete Comprehension 1, 2 and 3 are three workbooks for junior and middle secondary English. Complete Comprehension provides a consistent approach to developing and practicing the vitally important skill of reading with comprehension and responding to written and visual texts. This series acknowledges the importance of difference and diversity in texts and provides excellent models of a wide range of text types. Each book has several units of work, each divided into the following sections: On the Surface- Basic literal questions Delving Deeper- Inferential or interpretive questions Hidden Depths- Creative, critical or higher order thinking questions Discoveries- Questions about the purpose, structure and features of the text Extend Yourself- Open-ended questions that provide opportunities for students to respond by writing, viewing, listening and speaking. Complete Comprehension provides writing scaffolds to assist students in developing their own texts. It also includes a system of ongoing assessment so that individual improvement can be recorded and monitored over time by both students and teachers.
The Teacher Answer Book contains all the material from student workbooks, but with answers filled in where applicable. 


PublisherCengage Learning Australia 
Release Date17 Sep 2003 

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Book Cover - Complete Comprehension 2: Teacher Answer Book

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