Creating a Spreadsheet in Excel: Visual QuickProject Guide

By Maria L. Langer | Paperback
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C# combines the most elegant features of Java and C++ to provide a secure framework for developing modern applications, particularly in areas like Internet programming and web services. This book provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to C#, covering areas such as object-orientation, component technology, threading, exception handling, reflection, COM interoperability as well as novel features of C# such as properties, indexers, events, delegates and attributes. Highlights of the book include* A preview of the new features of C# in .NET 2.0, the next release of the .NET Framework.** An overview of the .NET class library, containing over 2,000 useful classes and interfaces to reuse in your applications.** Case studies illustrating GUI development, web services, and building dynamic web pages with ASP.NET.* A clear and concise EBNF grammar of C#. Programmers who wish to understand how well C# supports modern software development will benefit from this hands-on guide. Students will find it an ideal companion for courses on C#, Web programming or component technology. The book is based on courses and tutorials given to both students and professional programmers. Over 100 e 


Dimensions228mm x 186mm x 8mm
PublisherPearson Education (US) 
Release Date20 Oct 2004 

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Book Cover - Creating a Spreadsheet in Excel: Visual QuickProject Guide

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