Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

By Peter Marshall | Paperback
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Navigating the broad spectrum of anarchy, from Taoism to Situationism, from Ranters to Punk, individualists to communists, this is a lively study of an oft' misunderstood subject. It explores key anarchist concepts such as freedom, equality, authority and power and investigates the successes and failures of anarchist movements throughout the world. While remaining sympathetic to anarchism, it presents a balanced, critical account. Included are classic thinkers such as Godwin, Bakunion and Reclus as well as libertarian Camus, Nietzsche, Foucault and Chomsky. 

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Dimensions216mm x 140mm x 53mm
PublisherPM Press 
Release Date7 Jan 2010 

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Book Cover - Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism