Disabled Children and the Law: Research and Good Practice

By Janet Read | Paperback
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Now in its completely updated second edition, this accessible guide to the laws affecting disabled children and adolescents will enable professionals and families to understand the legislation and apply it confidently and creatively to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities. The authors take an anti-discriminatory and inclusive approach that involves parents and children in decision-making and advocacy. They draw on research on the needs of disabled children, young adults and their families to indicate how the law can be used to promote good practice and policy development. They also explain the overlapping legal responsibilities of social services, health and education, and how to facilitate co-ordinated practice. Divided into two parts, the book complements the legal information in the first part with an extensive research section in the second part. "Disabled Children and the Law" is an essential reference for practitioners, policy makers, students and families. 


Dimensions234mm x 156mm x 20mm
PublisherJessica Kingsley Publishers 
Release Date23 Feb 2006 

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Book Cover - Disabled Children and the Law: Research and Good Practice

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