Les Douleurs De La Plume Noire: Du Cameroon Anglophone a Haiti

By F. Ndi | Paperback
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This collection is produced by a trio which in reverse order recalls the trio Senghor, Csaire, Damas; one African and two Caribbeans who were flag bearer of a protest for the recognition of fundamental rights of which Blacks were deprived of. In the same vein, the Clervoyant, Ndi and Vakunta trio: a Caribbean and two Africans in a globalised world dissect and trace, through their poetry the horrible affliction of postcolonial pain Blacks suffer from in spite of the fight put up by their predecessors for the obtainment of fundamental human rights. For this trio, the black pen will continue to bleed until the pain is buried. That will be the only way for all from English speaking Cameroon to Haiti to lead a life worthy of its name. 

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Dimensions203mm x 127mm x 8mm
PublisherLangaa RPCIG 
Release Date1 Mar 2010 

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Book Cover - Les Douleurs De La Plume Noire: Du Cameroon Anglophone a Haiti