Drama: A Pocket Anthology

By R. S. Gwynn | Paperback
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A nice alternative to lengthier and more expense anthologies, Drama: A Pocket Anthology is the perfect choice for professors who want to see several books in an Introduction to Drama course. Chronologically organized, changes to the new edition include: *A one-act play by Chicana playwright Milcha Sanchez-Scott reflects the struggle of a Cuban-American to find her way in American mainstream culture. *A one-act play by Arlene Huttonhas the makings of a feminist classic, according to one reviewer. *New selections from Sophocles, Ibsen, and August Wilson offer echoes of today's politics (Antigone), an adaptation by Arthur Miller(An Enemy of the People), and a classic from one of America's most admired playwrights(The Piano Lesson). 


Dimensions210mm x 140mm x 33mm
PublisherPearson Education (US) 
Release Date7 Oct 2008 

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Book Cover - Drama: A Pocket Anthology