EU Competition Law: Text, Cases and Materials

By Alison Jones | Paperback
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By providing a careful selection of case law and journal opinion combined with penetrating analysis, critique and commentary, EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a stand-alone guide that really helps the reader get to grips with this challenging area of law. This fourth edition has been fully updated to cover recent developments within EU competition law including the implications for state aid following government bail-outs of the banking sector, the Commission Guidance Paper on the application of Article 82, and all of the major cases including France Telecom v Commission (2008) and the actions brought against Microsoft and Intel. Online Resource Centre This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which provides: * An additional chapter on State Aids * Regular updates allowing the reader to follow the changes and developments to EU competition law that occur after publication * A selection of annotated web links offer the ideal introduction to online research and further study * Appendix material from the European Commission including relevant articles from the EC Treaty along with a selection of rules, guidelines and notices 


Dimensions244mm x 192mm x 55mm
PublisherOxford University Press 
Release Date14 Oct 2010 

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Book Cover - EU Competition Law: Text, Cases and Materials

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