The Essays of Virginia Woolf, Volume 5: 1929-1932

By Virginia Woolf | Paperback / softback
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Spanning the years in which Virginia Woolf penned her classic novel "The Waves" and worked on "Flush," the nonfiction pieces in this fifth volume provide further insight into Woolf's creative genius and showcase her supreme stylistic capability. The far-ranging essays and criticism collected here include ruminations on the romantic and literary lives of William Cowper and Christina Rossetti and an introduction to memoirs by the Women's Cooperative Guild that reveals Woolf's signature feminism. This collection also includes the entirety of The "Common Reader: Second Series," the sequel to The "Common Reader." 

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SeriesEssays of Virginia Woolf 
FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions229mm x 152mm x 32mm
PublisherMariner Books 
Release Date25 May 2010 

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Book Cover - The Essays of Virginia Woolf, Volume 5: 1929-1932