Fame Games: The Production of Celebrity in Australia

By Graeme Turner | Hardback
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The areas of publicity, public relations and promotions have been considered to be on the periphery of the media. Yet this revealing new book demonstrates that they form a fundamental component of the media industries, with the decline of hard news being accompanied by the rise of gossip and celebrity. In addition to making a substantial contribution to our understanding of the cultural function of celebrity, Fame Games outlines how the promotion industry has developed and how celebrity is produced, promoted, and traded within the Australian media. While their analysis will inform academic debates on media practice internationally, the authors have taken the unique step of investigating the workings of the Australian promotion industry from within. Interviews with over 20 publicists, promoters, agents, managers, and magazine editors have provided a wealth of information about the processes through which celebrity in Australia is produced. 


Dimensions228mm x 152mm x 13mm
PublisherCambridge University Press 
Release Date9 Oct 2000 

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Book Cover - Fame Games: The Production of Celebrity in Australia

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