The Fear Index

By Robert Harris | Paperback
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Dr. Alex Hoffman is a legend. An American physicist once employed on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, he now uses a revolutionary and highly secret system of computer algorithms to trade on the world's financial markets. None of his rivals is sure how he does it, but somehow Hoffman's hedge fund - built around the standard measure of market volatility: the VIX or 'Fear Index' - generates astonishing returns for his investors. Then, late one night, in his house beside Lake Geneva, an intruder disturbs Hoffman and his wife while they are asleep. This terrifying moment is the start of Robert Harris' new novel - a story just as compelling and timely as his most recent contemporary thriller, "The Ghost". Set entirely over the course of a single day, "The Fear Index" follows Hoffman's quest to find out who is trying to destroy him, even as the world's financial markets head for collapse. 


Dimensions234mm x 153mm x 25mm
Release Date29 Sep 2011 

Kerre's Choice

8 Nov 2011, 5:37pm | Review by Kerre Woodham
Dr Alexander Hoffman is a brilliant physicist, wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and married to the beautiful Gabby. He runs his own hedge fund company and has been working on special software than will help his master the vagaries of the stock markets. VIXAL-4 is an autonomous machine learning algorithm that operates by analysing the fear index - and will only become more sophisticated and effective as it analyses the data it collects. Billionaires are queuing up to invest but Dr Hoffman’s in trouble. His life is starting to unravel and his friends and the police believe that’s he the one responsible. He’s not - so who is behind the mental torture? A true thriller but one where the journey was more terrifying than the destination.
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Book Cover - The Fear Index

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