The Filmmaker's Guide to Production Design

By Vincent Anthony LoBrutto | Paperback
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A practical guide to production design for both professional and student film- and video-makers. Top production designers share their experiences and recount real-life experiences to explain the aesthetic, narrative and technical aspects of the craft. From the first reading of a script for creative design ideas to working with the post-production team, this resource details every phase of the production design process. There is advice on working within established schemes of colour, texture and space for films of all genres in projects ranging from well-funded studio films to "guerrilla filmmaking". It also includes a short history of the craft, a glossary of terms every filmmaker should know, and tips for digital production design. 

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Dimensions228mm x 152mm x 14mm
PublisherAllworth Press,U.S. 
Release Date1 May 2002 

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Book Cover - The Filmmaker's Guide to Production Design