Freeing Grace

By Charity Norman | Paperback
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Warm, insightful and poignant, Freeing Grace tells the story of David, curate of an inner-city parish, and Leila, his Nigerian-born wife. Unable to have children of their own, they're desperate for a family. When they finally hear they've been approved to adopt a baby, Grace, they can scarcely believe their good fortune. There's just one problem for which David and Leila cannot plan; Grace's birth family - the enigmatic, charismatic Harrisons. Enlisting their friend, the feckless, charming New Zealander, Jake Kelly - who's half in love with all of them, one way or another - the Harrisons send him on a quest that will force a confrontation. Ultimately, each has a terrible decision to make. Everyone only wants what's best for Grace - but who can say exactly what that is? 

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Dimensions233mm x 155mm
PublisherAllen & Unwin 
Release Date1 Jan 2001 

Kerre's Choice

15 Oct 2010, 11:06am | Review by Kerre Woodham
This is a beauty. Jake has chucked in his job at a London investment bank and is at a loose end. His colleague and friend Lucy Harrison invites him down to her family’s home for the weekend, but when he arrives it’s clear that she has an ulterior motive. Her little brother, Matt, has fathered a child he desperately wants to keep but in order to do so, his mother, who has vanished somewhere in Mombasa, must be found and brought back to help him parent the baby. Lucy’s family is dysfunctional but utterly charming and Jake finds himself drawn into their web. In a parallel story, David and the gorgeous Leila are finally going to be parents. After years of hoping and waiting, they’ve been approved to adopt a baby - Matt’s baby. But when the Harrisons decide they’re keeping Grace, it looks like the dream is over. Great characters, page turning story line - recommended.
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Freeing Grace

15 May 2012, 8:19pm | Review by Raewyn Hayes
This book appeals to me on a few things...firstly I love books that have many different twists like this one sounds....secondly it sounds like a book that is hard to put down
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Book Cover - Freeing Grace

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