The French Cat

By Rachael Hale | Hardback
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One of the most successful animal photographers in the world today, Rachael McKenna (nee Hale) turns her lens toward France--her newly adopted home--and the charismatic cats that inhabit this picturesque backdrop. The result is "The French Cat," a stunning exploration of the country and its felines. Remarkable French landscapes, both urban and rural, are populated with cats brimming with personality--whether languidly strolling in a quaint village or regally perched on the doorstep of an elegant chateau. Rachael also tells the story of her new life in France with her husband and new baby in tow. This heartwarming narrative--along with engaging quotes from famous French cat lovers and literary greats--accompanies the images, making the eclectic and lushly illustrated record of Rachael's journey an all-around delight for Francophiles and cat lovers alike. Praise for "The French Cat" "A gorgeous love letter to her adopted country . . . these are evocative, beautifully composed landscapes and interiors that just happen to feature the small, inquisitive face of "un petit chat."""--Publishers Weekly" 

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Dimensions284mm x 229mm x 23mm
PublisherStewart, Tabori & Chang Inc 
Release Date1 Oct 2011 

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Book Cover - The French Cat

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