Ghost Rider Team-Up

By Steven Grant | Paperback
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The Spirit of Vengeance rides roughshod over Spider-Man, the Thing and the rest of the Marvel Universe! The Spider, the Ghost and the soul-stealer who hates them both - who will survive the Carnival of Fear? The Thing vs. the Ghost Rider in Death Race! Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Morbius and Werewolf by Night - the Legion of Monsters - join forces for the most spine-tingling team-up of all in the mysterious Marvel manner! Hawkeye, the Two-Gun Kid and the Ghost Rider take on the menacing might of the Manticore! Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, embark on their most dangerous mission yet: capture the Ghost Rider! Plus: the Ghost Rider's strangest adventure ever - featuring the Night Rider, Marvel's first Ghost Rider! This work collects "Marvel Team-Up" numbered 91, "Marvel Two-in-One" numbered 80, "Marvel Premiere" numbered 28, "Avengers" numbered 214 and, "Ghost Rider" numbered 27 and numbered 50. 


SeriesGraphic Novel Pb 
Dimensions225mm x 146mm x 7mm
PublisherMarvel Comics 
Release Date21 Feb 2007 

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Book Cover - Ghost Rider Team-Up

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