Hogging All the Pig Swill

By Valerie Wilding | Paperback
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Toby Tucker has a huge secret. He owns a magical chest filled with torn paper, and a strange message: Piece your family tree together and you'll find out who you are and when you come from. When he manages to put together a name, the most incredible magic happens. Toby travels back in time and becomes his ancestor! He's been to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Tudor and Victorian London so far. In this final adventure, Toby shoots back in time to the Second World War, into Fred Barrow's life, and finds himself hogging all the pig swill, doing his bit for the war effort: " I took a huge load of pig swill round to Len and Kath. They let me help with the pigs sometimes, but I just gave them a scratch (the pigs, not Len and Kath!) When I started all this salvage lark, I said I was going to do my bit by becoming the champion salvager, and by helping people while I did my rounds. Len and Kath need help, so I'll make sure they're never short of swill. The pigs love swill. They stick their heads right in it, and snort and snuffle! They're funny. I know they smell, but you don't notice after you've been round them a bit. It hits you when you first go near the sties, though."
After all this time travelling, will Toby find out who he really is? 


SeriesToby Tucker S. 
Dimensions198mm x 129mm x 9mm
PublisherEgmont UK Ltd 
Release Date5 Mar 2007 

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Book Cover - Hogging All the Pig Swill

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