A Home-grown Cook: The Dame Alison Holst Story

By Alison Holst | Paperback
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Dame Alison Holst holds more titles than her damehood suggests: she's been invariably described as 'Mother of the Nation', 'Queen of the Kitchen' and 'a groundbreaker in the culinary world'. In the sixties, Dame Alison singlehandedly changed the way women prepared food for their families with her legendary television programme 'Here's How'. She went on to become a prodigious fund-raiser for Plunkett, the chocolate-coated voice of radio, author of a hundred bestselling cookbooks, a successful business brand, as well as our favourite promoter of New Zealand products overseas. In A Home-grown Cook, Alison Holst's fascinating memoir unfolds with the characteristic charm and calm spirit that is so familiar to us all. From a modest upbringing in Dunedin to becoming one of our most endearing Kiwi icons, A Home-gown Cook brilliantly captures Dame Alison's distinctive voice on every page. 

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Dimensions240mm x 170mm
PublisherHyndman Publishing 
Release Date2 Nov 2011 

Kerre's Choice

8 Nov 2011, 5:36pm | Review by Kerre Woodham
Dame Alison has lived an extraordinary life in a remarkably ordinary way. She says she never considered herself any more than a home cook and yet she has written and co-authored more than a hundred books, is a perennial best seller, has travelled the world promoting lamb and beef and her recipe books are to be found in nearly every New Zealand kitchen. Sheís trusted, respected and admired and throughout this extraordinary career she has been able to be a brilliant wife and mother. Although this autobiography doesnít explore the innermost workings of Dame Alisonís mind - surely she must have wept and wailed in exhaustion and frustration at times or come up against loathsome individuals in the course of her career - there are some fascinating insights into what it was like growing up in rural New Zealand and her stories about the early days of television are fabulous. I enjoyed this autobiography but was left wanting more - bit like one of Dame Alisonís marvelous recipes.
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Book Cover - A Home-grown Cook: The Dame Alison Holst Story

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