How to Find a Scholarship Online

By Shannon R. Turlington | Paperback
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You may be eligible for scholarships you didn't know existed! It's no secret that tuition costs are skyrocketing higher and higher each year. Financial assistance is often a key factor in acquiring a higher education today. The Internet can put information on thousands of scholarships right at your fingertips, but it may take many hours of research to find that information. "How to Find a Scholarship Online" comes to the rescue with a time-saving, practical directory of thousands of web sites for private, federal, and state scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Conveniently categorized by fields of study, affiliations, special needs, and special interests, this one-of-a-kind resource makes it easy for you to pinpoint the scholarships for which you are most qualified.Plus, the book provides a helpful overview of financial aid, with clear explanations and practical advice on assessing your eligibility. Step-by-step, "How to Find a Scholarship Online" guides you through the process of locating, applying for, and winning scholarships. Here you will learn how to prepare and submit a winning application package that stands out from the crowd.
"How to Find a Scholarship Online" reveals: over 3,500 web site addresses for private, state and federal scholarships; how to put your best skills forward and impress the judges; tips on avoiding scholarship scams and common pitfalls; how to submit electronic applications; important information on eligibility requirements and lesser-known scholarships; and, details on deadlines, award amounts, sponsoring organizations, and much more. When it comes to your education, time means money. Don't waste time on fruitless research. Discover how to find a scholarship online today. 


Dimensions236mm x 191mm x 36mm
PublisherMcGraw-Hill Education - Europe 
Release Date1 Sep 2000 

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Book Cover - How to Find a Scholarship Online

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