How to Start a Home-based Personal Chef Business

By Denise Vivaldo | Paperback
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What is the difference between a personal chef and a caterer? All you need to become a successful personal chef is to be a confident home cook, and have some simple but essential business know-how. "How to Start a Home-Based Personal Chef Business" tries to answer all the questions that readers may have about launching a profitable personal chef business - from writing a business plan and effective financial planning, through marketing your business and making the most of the internet, training, and certification. This comprehensive and informative volume is a must-have for anyone interested in turning a passion for food and cookery into a viable and profitable business enterprise. 


Dimensions235mm x 190mm x 14mm
PublisherGlobe Pequot Press 
Release Date29 Mar 2007 

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Book Cover - How to Start a Home-based Personal Chef Business