Ian McHarg: Conversations with Students - Dwelling in Nature

By Lynn Margulis | Paperback
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One of the legendary figures in twentieth-century design, Ian McHarg transformed the fields of landscape architecture and planning through his personal methodology, his unique curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania, and his own inspired writing. In classic texts such as his landmark 1969 book, "Design with Nature", McHarg painted an incredibly rich and exuberant picture of the organic world while conjuring up the vision for a more wholesome and productive metropolis. In this new entry in the popular "Conversations with Students" series, we are proud to make McHarg's never-before-in-print lecture "Collaboration with Nature" available for the first time. Captured on tape in the 1970s, the lecture is the sequel to McHarg's "Design with Nature". This is a must read for anyone in the fields of landscape architecture, environmental science, and urban planning. 

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Dimensions203mm x 140mm x 9mm
PublisherPrinceton Architectural Press 
Release Date14 Dec 2006 

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Book Cover - Ian McHarg: Conversations with Students - Dwelling in Nature