If Only For One Night

By Brenda Hampton | Paperback
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What happens when author Brenda Hampton attends a book signing event and her readers have salacious stories of their own to share about the "bad boy" of The Naughty Series, Jaylin Rogers?Shhhh-that's what most women say when they have deep secrets, wild fantasies or even sweat dripping dreams about the one man who makes their bodies quiver. While at work, many can't get the job done because they can hear his soft whispers in their ears. While in bed with their significant others, only the feel of his hands can cause these women to perform like they've never done before. Boyfriends are put on the backburner, and if you can't bring your A game like him, than don't bring it at all! Jaylin Jerome Rogers, from The Naughty Series by Brenda Hampton, has made his mark from the west coast of California, to the busy streets of New York. If you haven't read about the Bad Boy of Naughty, you've heard about him, perhaps on Facebook. He's the one man that many women hate to love or love to hate! Whatever your thoughts may be, several brave women have stepped forward, willing to tell it like it really is. They're Naughty Angels, and they know what it's like to feel Jaylin's touch. They've had the pleasure of being with him for just one night, and now, they want to tell their stories. In Sweetness, LaLa Estrada will tell you how a scissors move can come in handy, and having No Regrets, Giana Monroe will let you know why she doesn't have any. Joyce Hampton's Pillow Talk will take you up close and personal with Jaylin, while Nikki-Michelle finds out What's Real versus what isn't. Veronique wants you to know There's A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and Theresa Hodge is only willing to give this man One Night's Pleasure. Here I Cum by Shelyse Tate is oozing with sexiness and If My Pussy Could Talk by Tamika Smith will let you know exactly what her coochie says. Shai's Lounge by Shai is a warning for all virgins to steer clear of a man with nine plus inches, and Ride'em by Taji Kirby-Hines will let you know that a motorcycle isn't the only thing worth riding. Kellie Kelly's Orgasms Galore will have your insides ringing, and you'll laugh out loud when Tonja Tate finds herself in Double Trouble. Krisha Robinson gets into a very Sticky Situation, so get ready to cover your mouth, and find yourself a new pair of panties to step into. These women will tell all about Jay Baby and the thing that he refers to as his magic stick. The man of the hour, as well as each eye-popping story, can be summed up in one word-STEAMING HOT! Well, two words... 


Dimensions216mm x 140mm x 12mm
PublisherVoices Books & Publishing 
Release Date14 Oct 2010 

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Book Cover - If Only For One Night

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