An Incredible Voyage Through Life

By Irene Grace | Paperback / softback
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Go ahead, good shepherd, keep up the Christian fight. And lo I'll be with you morning, noon, and night. I looked down and around this universe below, and said you will serve me, for now and ever more. I will crown you with knowledge, courage, and strength. I promise you life, if you fight on my defense.You've worked hard, good shepherd, you've done it diligently-- trying to conquer all, and bring them home to me. The journey hasn't been easy, temptations came your way. But you as a shepherd knew the price you'd have to pay. But I'll be with you until the sun goes down, and you will be one of my children that wears a golden crown. 


FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions229mm x 152mm x 5mm
PublisherAmerica Star Books 
Release Date26 Jan 2010 

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Book Cover - An Incredible Voyage Through Life