The International Handbook of Universities

By International Association of Universities | Hardback
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Twenty-second Edition The most comprehensive guide to university-level education worldwide, providing detailed information on higher education institutions that offer at least a post-graduate degree or a four-year professional diploma Includes single-user access to World Higher Education Database Online; see the sticker on the front of volume one for your unique access code Representative: Over 15,000 institutions in 180 countries listed alphabetically, including a division by Private and Public Institutions where available Authoritative: Information selected according to official sources in each country and collated by the International Association of Universities/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education Up to date: Information provided direct from institutions as well as from national higher education authorities to create an unrivalled, annually updated reference source The Handbook includes: For Education Systems: Description of the higher education system of each country Information on stages of studies as well as information on distance education Admission criteria, including information for foreign students Quality assurance and recognition systems Contact details for national bodies For Institutions: Contact details for every institution: name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website Information on historical background, special facilities and publications Degrees and diplomas offered at each level of study Description of faculties, schools and departments Valuable information on academic year, admission requirements and tuition fees Key personnel, including principal academic and administrative officers, and academic staff and student numbers Indexes: Alphabetical list of all institutions Lists of Fields of Study Index to fields of Study across all institutions List of Iinternational and Regional organisations www.whed-online.


Dimensions318mm x 245mm x 240mm
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan 
Release Date15 Sep 2010 

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Book Cover - The International Handbook of Universities

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