Introduction to the Practice of Statistics

By David S. Moore | Hardback
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With its focus on data analysis, statistical reasoning, and the way statisticians actually work, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics has helped to revolutionize the way statistics are taught in the classroom and brings the power of critical thinking and practical applications to your course. Freed from an overload of computations, students are able to go beyond the raw numbers to see what the data actually mean. NEW TO THIS EDITION * A new author Bruce Craig, who is the director of the statistical consulting center at Purdue University, USA, His vast experience consulting and collaborating with individuals who use statistical methods in their work provides him with perspective on the field of statistics that resonates with the approach of this text. * A new design incorporates colorful, revised figures throughout. New photographs related to chapter examples and exercises make connections to real-life applications and provide a visual context for topics.
* New section on Data Ethics in Chapter 3 * Changes in organisation and design to increase flexibility of topics and readability * New exercises have been added, plus all examples have been revised to reflect current data * New Use Your Knowledge exercises designed to reinforce key concepts now appear throughout each chapter * More student-friendly pedagogy includes Chapter Openers, 'Recall' Margin Call Outs, and Revised Technology References STUDENT SUPPLEMENTS * Companion Website at Offers a range of study tools including Interactive Applets, Data Sets in ASCII, Mintab, TI, SPSS, JMP, and Excel formats, Interactive Exercises and self-quizzes, Student version of the Electronic Encyclopedia of Statistical Examples (EESEE), all tables from the text as PDFs, additional exercises, plus the following additional chapters: Logistic Regression, Nonparametric Tests, Bootstrap Mathods and Permutation Tests, and Statistics for Quality: Control and Capability. * Study Guide and Solutions Manual Provides solutions to exercises from the text.
* Student CD: Included with every new copy of the book, this CD provides access to the companion chapters, applets, and data sets also found on the Companion Website. LECTURER SUPPLEMENTS (Only available for adopting lecturers - please see below for details) * Companion Website at Includes Instructor version of the Electronic Encyclopedia of Statistical Examples (EESEE), with solutions to the exercises in the student version, customisable PowerPoint slides matching the text's table of contents along with a wide range of figures and charts, plus access to all the student web features. * Instructor Resource CD (978-1-4292-1503-9): Contains all the student material plus additional presentation, assessment, and course management materials. * Printed Testbank (978-1-4292-1471-1): Contains hundreds of mulitple-choice questions. Lecturers Supplements are available to confirmed adopters of the textbook. To request, please email with the title and ISBN of the required supplement together with your academic details: Supplement requested ISBN Your name Your Job Title Your academic address Your academic email Module name Module start date Module student numbers * Computerised Testbank (978-1-4292-1859-7): Contains hundreds of mulitple-choice questions.
The CD format allows lecturers to edit, resequence, and download questions. 


Dimensions264mm x 224mm x 32mm
PublisherW.H.Freeman & Co Ltd 
Release Date27 Mar 2008 

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Book Cover - Introduction to the Practice of Statistics