Iron House

By John Hart | Paperback
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Two babies left to die in an icy creek. Two boys who must fight to survive. Two men, two very different lives. One unbreakable bond. When a twelve-year-old boy murders his tormentor in their brutal orphanage, his older brother takes the blame and runs to New York - into the heart of organized crime. Two decades later, Michael returns to North Carolina with a sentence on his head, the mob in hot pursuit and his long-lost brother in trouble of a different kind. With vast sums in play, political fortunes at risk and bodies piling up, the brothers must reunite to solve the mystery of their shared past. 


Dimensions232mm x 155mm x 33mm
PublisherJohn Murray General Publishing Division 
Release Date23 Jun 2011 

Kerre's Choice

15 Jul 2011, 3:36pm | Review by Kerre Woodham
Michael is a very bad man looking to go straight after the love of his life announces sheís pregnant. The gang he runs with however wonít let him go and they vow to take down Michael and everyone Michael cares about if he walks away. That includes Michaelís brother, Julian, a fragile soul Michael has already saved once. Now Julian needs his big brother again, because dead bodies are turning up and Julianís the one under suspicion. In between dodging the gangsters and hunting down murderers, Michaelís a busy man and that guarantees a cracker of a suspense novel. Recommended.
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Book Cover - Iron House

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