The Kabbalah Book of Sex: & Other Mysteries of the Universe

By Yehuda Berg | Hardback
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This is a stimulating, thought-provoking exploration into this important aspect of human relationships. Best-selling author, Yehuda Berg, provides potent insights for transforming our sex life beyond what we can imagine. He takes us on a far-reaching journey through time where we discover the spiritual origins of lovemaking, according to the ancient teachings of Kabbalah. Understanding the divine nature of sex helps us heal issues around shame and negative self images, making it possible to access higher levels of connection to our self, our partner and the Divine. You can learn how to elevate the sexual experience to new heights of understanding and fulfilment as these kabbalistic secrets concerning love, death, the human soul, the meaning of existence, and the intimacies of human encounters are revealed. All this and more awaits us between the covers. 

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Dimensions145mm x 210mm x 25mm
PublisherResearch Centre of Kabbalah 
Release Date18 Sep 2006 

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Book Cover - The Kabbalah Book of Sex: & Other Mysteries of the Universe