Te Te Kawa o te Marae

By Wena Harawira | Paperback
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For centuries, marae have been the heart of Maori communities and the events that take place there are central to the lives of all Maori. The marae is a place where Maori people can gather to celebrate special occasions, to talk or argue, to care for guests, pray and weep for their dead. Now, more and more non-Maori New Zealanders want to experience the unique feeling that comes with a marae visit. In this book, Wena Harawira introduces readers to marae customs and protocol, and answers many questions that first-time visitors to a marae may have. Highly visual and easily read, the book is an essential guide for all marae visitors. 


Dimensions229mm x 213mm x 2mm
PublisherPenguin Group (NZ) 
Release Date23 Jan 2009 

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Book Cover - Te Te Kawa o te Marae

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