The Kilim Dreaming

By Robert Long | Paperback / softback
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Poetry. Comprising three sonnet sequences and one very long indefinite sentence (..".of Exile in Florence, Massachusetts"), THE KILIM DREAMING showcases Robert Hill Long's gift as a storyteller. "The Spear Lily" introduces readers to two prostitutes--male and female--whose date in a botanical garden becomes the catalyst for them to reimagine their futures. "The Book of Joel," dedicated to the poet's former neighbor, who died unexpectedly, presents his portrait in nineteen sonnets, one for each of his nineteen years. The title poem, a true thriller, takes us into Turkey and the twined lives of Ahmet, a rug merchant specializing in kilims, and a weaver desperate to escape the confines of her culture and history. The book's rollicking closer describes with varying degrees of truthiness the poet's own former life in a Massachusetts village settled by Italian immigrants. Talking crow poets, Dr. Bronner's soap, local history, and a popular diner contribute to the poem's antic mood. 


SeriesSmall Press Distribution (All Titles) 
FormatPaperback / softback 
PublisherBear Star Press 
Release Date15 Sep 2010 

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Book Cover - The Kilim Dreaming