The Language Wars: A History of Proper English

By Henry Hitchings | Paperback / softback
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"Exemplary...Hitchings has created a fascinating, wholly readable, and gratifyingly informative book."---"Financial Times "(London)The English language is a battlefield. Since the age of Shakespeare, arguments over correct usage have been bitter; often they've had more to do with morality, politics, and the values of the age than with language itself. Peopled with intriguing characters such as Jonathan Swift, Lewis Carroll, and Lenny Bruce, "The Language Wars" is essential reading for anyone interested in the contemporary state of the English language, its contested history, and its future. 

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FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions209mm x 140mm x 18mm
PublisherPicador USA 
Release Date30 Oct 2012 

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Book Cover - The Language Wars: A History of Proper English