The Life-size Guide to the New Zealand Beach

By Andrew Crowe | Paperback
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A unique way for to learn about the puzzling flotsam and jetsam - both common and strange - that gets washed up on New Zealand's beaches. This book is solves many of the mysteries of beachcombing. Life-size Guide to the New Zealand Beach allows readers to easily and accurately identify the various items and curious objects that are commonly found our beaches. In particular the book shows: Pebbles and sand from around the country; How to recognise common animal tracks found in the sand; Jellyfish, starfish, crabs and bones from the sea; Eggs from the sea and invertebrates living in the sand; Seaweed, plant wash-ups and even common rubbish pollution 

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SeriesLife-size Guide S. 
Dimensions295mm x 210mm
PublisherPenguin Group (NZ) 
Release Date5 Oct 2004 

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Book Cover - The Life-size Guide to the New Zealand Beach

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