The Man from Kinvara: Selected Stories

By Tess Gallagher | Paperback / softback
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Selected stories from a renowned poet and prose writer "who savors the elegance of simplicity and whose stories resonate and linger" ("The New York Times Book Review") Tess Gallagher's vivid and rewarding short stories bear witness to the intimate details and subtle revelations of daily life. Set mostly in Gallagher's native Pacific Northwest and drawn from her two widely acclaimed collections, "The Lover of Horses" and" At the Owl Woman Saloon," these stories contain the lives of loggers, bartenders, bear wrestlers, gamblers, Avon ladies, horse whisperers, 


FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions227mm x 154mm x 19mm
PublisherGraywolf Press 
Release Date1 Sep 2009 

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Book Cover - The Man from Kinvara: Selected Stories