Marc Ellis' Good Fullas: A Guide to Kiwi Blokes

By Marc Ellis | Hardback
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On the back of his enormously successful biography - Crossing the Line - Marc Ellis presents a tongue-in-cheek look at the Kiwi male. Ellis will look at all species of Kiwi maledom - the archetype, the stereotype and the type(s) he has only just invented (but ones that many of us, albeit secretly, already knew existed). Marc Ellis remains New Zealand's most popular male television presenter and was recently voted our favourite New Zealand male. His humour is unique and his innate ability to thumb his nose at The Establishment and all things P.C. will mean no group - no matter how seemingly untouchable - will be spared the Ellis invective. It will also ensure that this book will not lack attention from fun-loving Kiwis, especially those of us who don't take ourselves too seriously. Twenty-five categories of quintessential Kiwi maledom feature, including: the Ginga (redhead), the Cardycrat (bureaucrat), the Bogan, the Big Fresh (new Pacific Islands immigrant), the Pandabear (Asian immigrant), the Gromit (boy racer) and the AJ (Adrenaline Junkie). Yes, they all feature, and they're all going to cop it! Crossing the Line was New Zealand's best-selling hardback of 2006.
Watch Good Fullas go in 2010. 


Dimensions239mm x 184mm x 22mm
PublisherHachette New Zealand Ltd 
Release Date12 Aug 2010 

Kerre's Choice

15 Oct 2010, 11:07am | Review by Kerre Woodham
Blokes are enormously hard to buy presents for but this oneís a corker and with Fatherís Day coming up, keep it in mind as a gift for younger Dads. Marc Ellis and Charlie Haddrell have drawn up a comprehensive list of every type of New Zealand man you will find on these shores along with their defining characteristics. For example, the Big Fresh, a fulla of Polynesian descent, usually very large and very hungry, loyal to a fault but requiring a close eye when on the turps. Or the Finkle - an effeminate and fruity homosexual fulla who has no ugly friends and will usually drive two door sports cars because heís too weak in the wrist to drive larger vehicles. The usual suspects are there - Bogans, Cow Cockies, Scarfies -along with some new varieties - Waoris (white men who want to be Maori), Panda bears (corpulent fullas from the Asian subcontinent), Wodgewicks (thespians and self professed intellectuals) and many more- itís very, very funny although not for the politically correct or those who are strait laced. Marc includes anecdotes of his encounters with the various fullas which are in equal parts horrifying and hilarious. Easy to pick up, a good laugh and clever with it - a book thatís just like Marc really.
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Good Fulla

22 Nov 2010, 9:36pm | Review by Simonne Goodall
Thans Kerre - you're right- this is a great buy for blokes. So good to see some good old kiwi bloke talk in a far too PC world.
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Marc Ellis' Good Fullas - funniset book EVER!!

12 Oct 2010, 9:25am | Review by Sam Bramble
This has to be the funniest book ever written. Every page is a sidesplitter. Also has interesting facts and trivia. I am going to read it again. These guys are Brilliant.
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Book Cover - Marc Ellis' Good Fullas: A Guide to Kiwi Blokes

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